Ian McGlynn Performs at The Woodland on June 19th!

Ian performs as part of “Charlie Pollock And Friends” at The Woodland in Maplewood, NJ on Friday, June 19th.

This great event will also feature Stephanie J Block (Wicked) and Becky Gulsvig (Legally Blonde). A FOOD TRUCK will be present for your family’s enjoyment at 6:00pm – enjoy picnicking on the Woodland front lawn until the concert starts at 7:30.

More reasons to come: we will raffle off an iPad, a large flatscreen TV, and a SUBSCRIPTION to the Papermill Playhouse Season. ALL RAFFLE MONEY AND TICKET SALES GO DIRECTLY TO THE MUSIC INITIATIVE THROUGH THE ACHIEVE FOUNDATION.

Help raise $10,000 for the Achieve Foundation’s Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative to maintain and expand Maplewood district’s inventory of instruments, underwrite Teacher Grant projects and support first-rate music education for exceptionally talented students, who have financial need.




For more information and to purchase your tickets click HERE.


Producing Emerging Artist Gabriela Mottesi

Ian has been busy producing the very talented Gabriela Mottesi.

You can download Gabriela’s debut 3-song “Dream State EP” for FREE at NoiseTrade by clicking the album cover below.

Gabriela Mottesi Dream State EP FINAL Artwork

North Pole Vault EP featured in “New & Notable” on NoiseTrade

After celebrating three of the last four Christmases with one-off holiday singles, Ian decided to really step into Christmas this year with a full 6-song EP of dreamy, festive wonderment. Click the album cover to download the EP for FREE!

Merry Christmas!


Ian Performs the Music of Tom Petty

Ian McGlynn performs the music of Tom Petty with the Renaissance band at the old Opera House in Summit, NJ on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

For more information click HERE.

Ian Sings Billy Ocean For Twix

Ian’s latest commercial is for Twix Bites. If you listen very closely, you’ll hear Ian singing the song “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” on the walkman.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 4.15.18 PM

Ian Covers “Waterloo Sunset” to Raise Money For His Friends

Welcome to the out-of-the-blue release of Ian’s version of The Kinks’ classic “Waterloo Sunset.” It wasn’t really planned, but there is a plan behind it: to raise money for friends in need. You may recognize the name Allison Moore; she is the wonderfully talented artist responsible for the paintings that grace Ian’s last two album covers, not to mention one of his singles. She’s been a valued ally for a long while now. And with that spirit in mind, Ian wants to be her ally as her husband Vernon Adams recovers from an extremely serious accident (truck+vespa—that’s enough math for you, surely). So, having heard about the unfortunate accident, Camp McGlynn did what we do best to help: make music.

Currently Vernon Adams is recovering from his multitude of injuries and the induced coma he’s been in for weeks. So Ian recorded a version of one of their mutual favorite songs for him to enjoy. Yep, Waterloo Sunset. But it’s for you to enjoy too. At a name-your-own-price purchase, please. You see, Vernon Adams is a freelancer, and the loss of his wages for the months he will be unable to work, is a huge blow. Which is why we’re asking you to contribute what you can. 100% of what you contribute goes to the Moore/Adams family.

“Every day I look at the world from my window.” Hoping you get to see the sunset on the other side of the hospital walls soon, brother.

Available exclusively at Bandcamp by clicking the widget above.